Graham Prince, BA, MA, PgDip.

Sex Therapy Videos

I have created a number of videos in which I explain why you might benefit from sex therapy and the experience of engaging with such a transformative process.

Why Work With A Sex Therapist?

Sexual problems cause us personal distress and can disrupt our relationships. A sex therapist will use a combination of talking and practical work that might work faster and more effectively than regular therapy or counselling.
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The Most Common Sexual Problems

Sexual problems can be divided into problems of performance and problems of desire. Anxiety, abuse, poor sex education, difficult early sexual experiences in adolescence, and aging can all contribute - and they effect both individuals and their partners.
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Sex Therapy For Individuals

Work starts with an assessment, but quickly moves on to practical work that can be fun, particularly if a client can get their partner involved.
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Sex Therapy For Couples

With two people involved, once the initial tension between them is dealt with, the learning and improvement process can be really fast and couples often come to find it very enjoyable.
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Why I Became A Sex Therapist

A good sex life should not just be the goal of sex therapy; it should be one of the objectives of any therapy.
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"In dealing with my erectile dysfunction, having the right partner was massively important. But I also needed help building my confidence. The more I relaxed and got out of my own way, the better it got. Good performance becomes a habit if you keep at it. My advice to other guys is keep the faith, keep trying and don't give up. Cheers Graham. Excellent work. "

T.H. - Bristol


Sex Therapy Bristol was established by Graham Prince.

Graham trained at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regents College, London, and has gone on to become a lecturer for the 'London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy'.