The New Sex And Couples Therapy

What I offer my clients is the latest and most effective form of sex and couples therapy. Relationships are about physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy and sex is the most rewarding way humans express all three. Our bodies help us get physically intimate, but it's our heads that enable us to go deeper and higher. Unless you have a serious medical condition that affects sexual function, your sexual or relationship problems are unlikely to be just physical.

Traditional methods of sex therapy and couples counselling keep sexual problems and relationship issues in different boxes. You might even need to see a different therapist for each! This is less effective and potentially more expensive.

If you have a sexual problem in your relationship it probably reflects how close you and your partner are right now. And if you have other problems in your relationship, you probably aren't having great sex. Addressing your sexual problem means working on your intimacy. If intimacy improves, your sex life will benefit.

Many therapists believe relationships are determined by childhood and family problems that we re-enact with our adult partners. But relationships are primarily about learning to grow ourselves in partnership with another person. Your sexual or relationship problem may have its origins in the past, but you need to fix it now, in the present.

I am always happy to discuss without obligation how I work and how I might be able to help. You might also find the following pages helpful:

Whatever the issue that you want to address, the most important step is to call a therapist to talk about it.


"We contacted Graham because my husband was suffering from erectile dysfunction, although there were plenty of other issues below the surface we were both ignoring. Graham helped us see that my husband's problem was only partly sexual and that we had got into a rut in both our sex life and our relationship. Working on both sides of our relationship really helped move us to a better place."

T & L - Bristol


Having worked with many different couples across the age spectrum, I have never found that the issues they bring are either purely "sex problems" or "relationship problems". Enabling a couple to focus on their overall experience of intimacy is the most effective way to understand the issues that are disturbing their relationship and preventing them from growing together.


"Marriage: Noun: The state or condition of a community consisting of a master, a mistress and two slaves, making in all, two."

The Devil's Dictionary,
Ambrose Bierce.