Sex and Relationship Therapy

Update for Covid-19:

For the time being I am conducting all work online (Zoom or Skype) or by mobile phone (WhatsApp).

If you have problems in your sex life or your relationship, I can help.

I work with individuals and couples to help them meet the challenges of sex, intimacy, relationships and personal growth. Our sex lives are a window on who we are and who we have the capacity to be. Sex therapy starts with resolving sexual problems. It ends in reaching our sexual potential and increasing our capacity for pleasure, passion and intimacy. In short, becoming who we are.

Sexual difficulties can be hard to admit, but they are common and readily respond to therapy:

  • You struggle to get aroused, are too anxious to perform or climax too quickly;
  • You lack confidence in being sexual and expressing desire;
  • You have had negative sexual experiences or suffered sexual abuse;
  • You find sexual behaviour difficult and feel this holds you back;
  • You feel you have a sex addiction;
  • You feel shame because the sex that turns you on is not "normal".

If so, don't waste time missing out on the pleasure of sex, the fulfilment of self discovery and improved relationships. Get in touch to discuss a consultation.

Our sex lives are also a barometer of the health of our relationships. Relationship problems and sexual problems go hand in hand. In my work I don't separate sex and relationships.

Emotionally committed relationships are our best opportunity in life to change and grow. But conflict and commitment are as important as intimacy and love:

  • You feel stuck because your partner won't let you change and grow;
  • Your communication is poor and you cannot agree to disagree;
  • One or both of you have had an affair;
  • You make each other feel angry, hurt, alienated, or indifferent.

If you cannot find a way forward, the quicker you act the better the chances of overcoming your difficulties and growing together. Get in touch.

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Graham Prince
Bristol, 2024


Graham Prince

Sex Therapist Graham Prince

Graham established Sex Therapy Bristol in 2013 to offer both established psychological treatment for sexual dysfunctions and new techniques in relationship counselling that combine sex and couples therapy. His practice blends practical work to address sexual problems and therapeutic approaches that enable clients to understand the challenges in their relationship, change negative behaviours and patterns, encourage intimacy and promote personal change and growth.